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Mouse, Rat

Plethysmometer - Paw Volume & Oedema

Product Code:37140

Measures small changes in volume & oedema (fluid retention) to gauge the inflammatory response such as for anti-inflammatory screening tests.

Hands-free operation. Precision measurements. Detects and displays 0.01 ml changes in rodent paw volume. Easy data transfer and software included.

This product warranty can be extended up to 24 Additional Months.
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  • An original device by Ugo Basile designed to measure paw volume and its changes (swelling) in rodents.
  • Used to precisely measure experimentally induced inflammation and changes due to administration of pharmacological substances. 
  • Over 3000 citations of Ugo Basile’s Plethysmometer in scientific publications.

Precise measurements, hands free operation

  • Displays the exact paw volume on the graphic LCD read-out with resolution of 0.01ml. Small differences are detected by an integrated precision transducer.
  • Foot pedal freezes the displayed reading and allows for hands-free operation.
  • Easy zeroing before making new measurements.
  • Measuring tubes available in different sizes.
  • Includes Windows® Data Acquisition Software Package for saving data in spreadsheet format (.csv) for analysis in Excel and other software.





Foot-Pedal to freeze the reading Hand-free operation
More than 1000 citations since 1960s Most applications can be found in bibliography for reference
Interchangeable water cells Same instrument for mice and rats



Power Requirement Universal input 85-264 VAC, 50-60Hz, 40 W max
Data Read-out Multifunction graphic display
Data Format  4 digits (2 integers, 2 decimals)
Data Print-Out Via the MiniPrinter 57145 (not included)
Commands Via soft-buttons
Resolution 0.01 ml
Connection to PC Direct connection to PC USB port, via serial cable and serial to USB adapter



Weight 4.8Kg
Shipping Weight 8.1 Kg approx.
Shipping Dimension 67x42x53cm



Warranty Plethysmometer is covered by a 12-month warranty + 12 after product registration
UB-Care Additional UB-Care can be added for other 12 or 24 months

The Plethysmometer is an instrument designed to measure small changes in volume, usually via the displacement of water. 

In the 60s, Ugo Basile developed the first original device, designed specifically to measure paw swelling in rodents, since then, thousands of scientists have relied on our Plethysmometer to conduct their research on inflammation, publishing almost 3.000 scientific papers! 

The instrument is typically used to precisely measure the experimentally induced inflammation of the paw in rodents and its changes due to administration of pharmacological substances potentially active on inflammation.

37140 Plethysmometer Standard Package

37140-210 Three Claw Stand, 10mm diam. upright, with Open Side Boss-Head 4003
7140-154 Water Reservoir
7141 Electronic Block
7152-S Standard Water Cell, diam. 1.8 cm, with 7186 Mouse paw tube, diam. 1.3 cm
7153-L Conductance Transducer
7155 Set of Calibration Probes (0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 4ml)
7160 Wetting Compound, 100ml bottle
7165 Stretch of Tube (for connection cell-reservoir & drain vessel)
7168 Cell Simulator
E-AU 101 USB Pen Drive including Instruction Manual and Software
37215-303 Pedal Switch 
52010-320 Serial to USB converter
52010-322 Serial Cable

Other Avaible Water Cells And Accessories

7157 Special Water Cell, diam. 2.5 cm, complete with 7153-L
7157-G Special Water Cell, diam. 2.5 cm, without transducer
7159 Special Water Cell, diam. 3.5 cm, complete with 7153-L
7159-G Special Water Cell, diam. 3.5 cm, without transducer
7182 1.8 cm Displacement Tube for the rat paw
7186 1.3 cm Displacement Tube for the mouse paw
7187 2.5 cm Displacement Tube for the rat paw
7189 3.5 cm Displacement Tube for the rat paw
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