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Mouse, Rat

Microwave Brain Fixation system by Muromachi

Product Code:MMW-05

Fastest and most effective known method of halting brain chemical activity. Brain fixation occurs in 1 second. The activity of degrading enzymes is blocked. For neurochemical studies of the brain.

Patented applicators focus microwaves on the target area. Touch panel for easy usability, CE certified. Holders for mice and rats.

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  • In neurochemical studies of the brain, it is important to accurately measure neurochemical events in vivo.
  • Conventional tissue fixation methods make it difficult to take accurate neurochemical measurements in the brain because of the rapid post-mortem changes that occur in the concentrations of metabolites and neurotransmitters.
  • By deactivating brain enzymes in less than 1 second, the system dramatically reduces undesired post-mortem modifications in the biochemical composition of the brain.
  • Commonly used prior to analysis of:
    • Phosphorylated proteins
    • Acetylcholine, Serotonin, Endorphins
    • Prostaglandins, Catecholamines

Incredibly fast, very effective, unrivalled method

  • Patented applicators focus microwaves on the target area.
  • Powerful 5kW system with instrument control through the touch panel display for easy usability 
  • CE certified and designed to be very safe.
  • Efficient, eco-friendly air cooling (no circulating water is required).
  • Switching power supply to comply with line voltage fluctuation (380-440 V, 20 amp).
  • Animal holders available for various sized mice and rats.
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