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  • Animal
    Mouse, Rat

    Patented non-invasive vital signs monitor. Measures heart rate, arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2), breath rate, and temperature (optional) of anesthetized and conscious small laboratory animals of various sizes.

    Clinically validated and cited in a range of published studies including respiratory, neonatal, hypertension and brain injury.

    Mouse, Rat

    Invasive arterial or venous blood pressure measurement during animal surgery. For urodynamic, intrauterine and intracranial studies. Also suitable for intensive care.

    Connects to data acquisition systems such as our DataCapsule-Evo. High quality, robust, reusable and cost effective.

    Mouse, Rat
    Blood Pressure Recorder-Non Invasive, shown with a mouse in its holder and the pressure generator (proximal) and the piezo sensor (distal)

    A multi-function, non-invasive blood pressure recorder for small to medium animals (mice to dogs) for use in a wide range of scientific studies, where systolic and diastolic pressure needs to be measured in a non-invasive way in anesthetized or awake animals.

    Combines functionality of multiple systems including pressure generation-pressure monitoring system, pulse amplifier,...